Bay Bay the Exterminator

Last week we had a few of our favorite friends stay with us for the weekend.

While they where here I learned Miss Belén is following in her mama's foot steps and realized how much she watches me.

Now don't get me wrong I will stop for hours for a turtle to cross but I absolutely cant stand bugs and she has witness this.
We spent an evening at the pool and while we where there my sweet, soft spoken, lullaby angel  Belén picked up Erinn's shoe and started to hit an ear wig.

(Those are nasty bugs no matter how many you kill you will always find one waiting for you in the morning...!)

I must say I was shock she knew how to kill a bug.

Then a few days latter Bay Bay was sitting in her high Chair and all of a sudden I hear a loud SMACK! When I turned my head I saw a restless fly dodging her attack. She was smacking at the fly landing on her tray with full force!

Bugs beware of my Bay Bay!

So needless to say we needed a Family Home Evening about Heavenly Father Creating and loving Animals. (Killing bugs is ok but she has gone to the extreme extermination) We started off by singing Give Said the Little Stream and opening prayer. We had a very short lesson one that a 1 year old and 5 month old could pay attention(?) to. Caleb and I don't have any pets or plan to so we improvised for or activity and used Daddy as a pony ride.

Blessing the food on isle 5

Today was rare. I went to Walmart just me and Bay Bay. 
Harlan was taking a nap with his daddy. 
Belén seemed tired herself. She wasn't as chatty as she normally is. 
But she just had her sweet smile on (the one with no teeth showing). 
While we where going down the isle of produce Belén immediately folded her arms
 and started to insist we pray... 
Lets just say all the food at the Leland Walmart has officail been blessed. :)  

(photo by Brittany Field) 

fast forward

Well way too much if I were to catch up from last post but a quick fast forward!! 

I am a mama of Irish Twins :)

 We just have twice the Luck!

(photo by the amazing  Jennifer Delmonico) 

I love keeping a hand written journal 

but I am the type of personality that has an extreme unrealistic imagination 

so my thought is... 
What if my journal catches on fire

So I hope I will update this more for my babies.

Finding out

My dear friend Afton shared the news with me that she is experting. Just joking around with her I said I want to take a test too. A few hours latter I ended up in the bathroom taking a test. I wasn't even late yet, so I thought nothing of it. To my SURPRISE the test was positive. I can't believe it! Caleb was no were to be found in my parents house so I just started shouting CALEB CALEb. He was outside working on his surf board.When he heard me he ran upstairs probably thinking something is wrong with me. I asked him to pick a hand. Then I handed him the test.

We both were still unsure. So my poor husband is such a good sport and peed on a test for me so i knew for sure the test wasn't faulty. Luckily my husband isn't the first pregnant male. I still didn't believe it so I took another test the next morning. I thought well maybe still something is wrong. So we went out and bought another brand of test. Sure thang I am pregooo!

Now the tricky part how are we going to tell our families! That night we stayed up painting a picture for my mama and daddy. It was about the time of their anniversary. So it wouldn't be too odd for us to wrap up a present for them. We painted it of our family tree and added an extra limb to our branch!!

Next mission was to tell the -n- laws. : ) That is a defeat to try to get them all together. We usually love playing the name game together. So we started playing. It is similar to sherades but we write down names to try to figure out through different rounds. Well everyone decided to put really hard names so that does not make for an ideal game. Dan my brother in law usually puts on one of his pieces of paper Ashley's unborn Child. So this time I wrote down Ashley's For real unborn child! due april 5th.